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My name is LEE my family has been breeding dogs (Golden Retriever ) since 1994. We strive to breed for the best temperament and health, we do not breed for a specific color or size. Color & size should be the standard for the breed.

Golden Retriever Puppy House is a family owned and operated, award winning pet breeding home. We have brought together thousands of people with their newest “family members,” only selling pets to people that show a genuine interest in caring for and meeting its lifetime needs.

Golden Retriever Puppy House prides itself with having knowledgeable, “pet expert” employees that are able to give advice as well as show both the new and experienced pet owner the products that will be best for their pets needs. We provide the greatest variety of all natural, holistic, hard to find, as well as the more common and well known brands of pet foods and products. Ultimate Corgi Puppies also cares for and provides temporary homes for a large variety of baby and young pets including: all types of puppies, kittens, birds, reptiles, small animals, and fish..

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide happy, healthy, well socialized puppies with a one year health guarantee. Meaning we guarantee they are free from any genetic health issues for the 1st year of their life.

All of our parent dogs have been Genetic Health Tested.

Our Motto

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail

Puppy Prices

Here at Golden Retriever Puppy House, we try to produce healthy, beautiful, well socialized puppies. Puppies are priced according to there size, color, and pedigree. Please contact us for prices. Cash, Chase or Zelle Quick Pay and Credit Cards are accepted for payment. Credit Cards have an additional 3% fee. Sales tax will be charged on every purchase.

Health Guarantee

We offer a 72-hour vet check health guarantee. You will have 3 days to have your new puppy checked by a vet of your choice. If he finds anything genetically wrong with the puppy we will gladly take the puppy back with a full refund returned (you must provide papers from your vet stating the reason). (Please note that the breeder is not responsible for any vet bills.) We also offer a one-year health guarantee for the overall genetic health of the puppy.


Deposits are needed to hold a puppy that you have been approved for. We usually ask for a $450.00 deposit for anything under $1500.00 and $550.00 for $1500.00 and over (deposits are refundable).

We encourage you to visit our website throughout the year to check in and see if we may have any available puppies as we try not to overbook our litters. We do have families hoping to move forward to earlier litters and we will work very hard to honor those requests! .

Thank you to ALL of our wonderful families who are anxiously waiting for their own Golden Retriever Puppy House! We are excited and look forward to working with you!!!

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